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Spider Walker Gyro Stabilized Robot Camera System



Spider Walker is a gyro stabilized robot camera system. The whole system is made up by the 3-axis gyro open-frame stabilized platform, the robot, the railway, the control unit console and the power system.

Spier Walker can overcome the limitation of the environment conditions, works and moves flexibly on the pre-set railway. At the same time, the whole system can provide stabilized moving shots. While moving, the camera can also move up and down, and zoom, providing brand new lens perspectives with stable images output.

Spider Walker makes you productions come to life and help capture and hold your audience's attention. As the world's leading supplier of camera special equipment. Victoe Go Times, will provide you with the best industry's support.


Large entertainment programme and studio programme production

◆ Studio shooting

◆ Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality scenes production

◆ News and entertainment programs production

◆ Sports or racing program following technology


◆ High precision shooting suitable for high speed moving target shooting

◆ Three dimensional stability

◆ With accurate position control and speed stability control

◆ With aotumatic recording and virtual interfaces, the system can complete virtual shooting

◆ With open-frame modular structure design, the system is suitable for various kinds of cameras

◆ Out standing waterproof performance, the main components are all waterproof

Spider Walker could achieve multi-level simultaneous lifting, fast lifting speed, and small volume

    after shrinking


◆ Large variety shows productions

◆ Studio shooting

◆ Augment Reality & Virtual Reality scenes production

◆ News and entertainment programs prodution

◆ Sports or Racing Program Following Technology

System Specifications:


Max. Payload: 40kg(88lbs)

Max. Track Speed: 5m/s

Max. Lift Speed:   0.5m/s

Max. Track Length: 100m(328ft)

Curved Track Radius: 6m,8m,10m

Lift Max. Height Optical Center: 1800mm(71inch)

Lift Total Range:   1200mm~1800mm (47inch~71inch)

Track Width: 40cm(16inch)

Weight: 150kg(265lbs)

Electrical: VIN: 220V AC

Consumption: ≤1000W

Interface: CAN

Stabilized Turret:

Gimbal Performance: 3-axis gyro-stabilization

Azimuth: 360°continuous

Elevation:   60°to -60°from horizontal,

Roll: +/-30°

Gimbal slew rate: 0-90°/second

Stability Precision: ≤100urad(1σ)

Dimensions:554 mm×177 mm×436 mm (22inch×7inch×17inch)

Weight: Stabilized Turret:21kg(46lbs)

Handle: 2kg(4lbs)

Track Type:

Curved Track: CT-R6M,CT-R8M,CT-R10M

Straight Track: ST-2M