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VK180W-D Gyro Stabilized Multi-Sensor Photoelectric Turret



VK180W-D gyro stabilized multi sensor photoelectricturret is an ultra light photoelectric turret designed with a two axis doubleframe structure with all carbon composite material. The overall weight of theturret does not exceed 2.0kg for two optical sensors and 2.5kg for threeoptical sensors (might varies depending on the number of optical sensors beingequipped).

The system is composed of a photoelectricturret, a control handle, an electronic unit and a monitor. Which is suitablefor aerial photography and weight sensitive carrier such as UAV. It can beequipped with a variety of optical sensors (1 ~ 3 optical sensors) for multi spectralobservation applications. VK180W is suitable for high speed large dynamicplatforms, providing high-precision targets searching.


Fixed-wing planes, helicopters


Various vehicles

Large UAVs or other aircrafts

Application Fields:

Safety inspection under harsh environments

Aerial measurement

Environmental monitoring

High voltage power transmission line safetyinspection

Oil and gas pipeline inspection

Image capture

Maritime enforcement patrol assistednavigation, search and rescue, firefighting

System Features

High precision, two axis rate gyro closed loopstable platform

The shell is molded with carbon fiber, light inweight, high in strength and high in

   corrosion resistance

Airtight shell structure, suitable for highaltitude environment

With internal modular design

Standard Image, Communication Interfaces(CAN/RS422)

Video tracking and adjustment can be realizedthrough the external tracking

   electronic box (infrared and visible light can beswitched)

Sensor zero calibration

Zero drift self-detection

Video output with both infrared and visiblelights

Wireless control handle

Standby function

Automatically follows up with the externalprinciple system unit(Such as radar, AIS

   and etc.)

System Specifications:

Two-axis gyro stabilization,Azimuth:360°continuous,

Elevation30°to -110°from horizontal

Gimbal slew rate 0°-60°/S

Max angular acceleration60°/S2

Nominal voltage   24V DC

Electrical:    VIN: 18V32V DC,(Or 9V-24V)

Consumption:         Constant   15W-30W,

Instantaneous peak50W

Compatible communication protocols : RS42

The bus uses: CANRS422,support the SBUS protocol

Stability Precision200 uradstandard

                                   50 uradExtended



Weight:    2.0kgtwo optical

       ≤2.5kgthree optical                   

                    2KgLaptop control unit

Operating temperature20℃~+70

Storage temperature    30℃~+70

Waterproof : satisfying criteria of IP65(also IP68IXP6 optional

Camera/Lens Payload Options

CMOS CameraVKC-CMS7520×30

   Detection Type1/2.8 CMOS

   Detection unit Array1920×1080

   Focal Length: f=4.3mm129.0mm 30×continuous zooming


Uncooled infrared thermal imager

   VKC-NLIR 640/50F1.2

   Detection unit Array640×512 17μm

   Spectral Response8μm14μm

   Focal Length50mmQuenchdifferential focus2×、       

                           4×Electronic variable times F1.2


Tracking Pad



   Tracking precisions2 pixels1δ)

   DisplayHigh quality 1080P